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Quit Smoking Tips

Ideas to Help You Quit

 Want to Quit?

You promised yourself that you would finally quit smoking.

It isn't easy giving up something that is so much a part of what you do every day.

But you are not alone. Over 1 million people each year decide to quit and are successful.

Tried Quitting Before?

Maybe once, maybe more...

You started out feeling the time was right, but for whatever reason, you're smoking again. Now, you're asking whether it's worth it to try quitting again. You bet it is!

Quitting is hard, but don't give up!

Some smokers try a number of times before they quit for good. Studies show that each time you try to quit, the more likely you will be to eventually succeed. With each try, you are better able to know what helps and what hurts. Any attempt to quit is a step in a healthier direction.


There's no better time to quit.

And for two very good reasons:

  • You.

  • Your baby.

Even if someone you know smoked during pregnancy and had a problem-free delivery, smoking puts your baby's health at risk. Quitting at any time during pregnancy is still the best chance for you and your baby to get a fresh start.

It is also important to remember that infants and children exposed to second-hand smoke are more likely to develop health problems such as chronic ear infections and asthma. Helping to eliminate these health risks is another good reason to quit.

How Do I Start?

Make a Plan

You may want to:

  • Consult a health care professional to choose a quit smoking plan that is best for you.

  • Set a quit date and stick to it.

  • Get the support and understanding of your family, friends, and co-workers.

  • Get rid of all tobacco products and ashtrays.

  • Get Support and Encouragement

U.S. Public Health Service (PHS)-funded research shows the more support you have, the greater your chance for success.

Join a quit smoking program or start your own quit smoking group. Check with your health care professional, local hospitals, the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, or American Heart Association for schedules for existing groups.

Learn How to Handle the Urge to Smoke

Be aware of the things that may cause you to smoke, such as:

  • Other smokers.

  • Stress.

  • Depression.

  • Alcohol.

  • What Works?

  • Current treatments

There are no magic solutions for quitting smoking. But, if you are ready to quit, effective treatments are available that can help reduce the urge to smoke.

Studies show that almost everyone can benefit from these nicotine and non-nicotine replacement therapies.

  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy

  • Nicotine patch.

  • Nicotine gum.

  • Nicotine nasal spray.*

  • Nicotine inhaler.*

  • Non-Nicotine Therapy

  • Bupropion SR.*


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