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  • Ayurveda is a great way to get that glow on your back. There are certain herbs which act as detoxifying agents and can be used as cleansers. A combination of the herbs amalki, haritaki, and vibhitaki can be used for detoxification.
  • There is no escape from exercise, if you really want a sexy back. Here is an exercise for your lower back: Lie flat on your back. Bend one knee at 90 degrees then slowly bring it towards your chest. Grasp with both hands. Hold for a count of three, then relax and let go.
  • There is a price to pay for everything. So if you want a good skin, you will have to watch what you eat. Some of the foods you need to be careful not to go overboard on are rice, fish, curds, salt, radish, sesame, jaggery. Moderation is the keyword, Ofcourse, heavy, oily and spicy foods should be kept to a minimum.
  • Your lifestyle too affects the skin. You need to have a healthy lifestyle to get a healthy skin. What are the things you should avoid? For one - forget about that leisurely afternoon sleep. Your mental state affects your looks too. If you store feelings of anger or are easily irritable, it has a negative effect on you and your skin.








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